Friday, May 5, 2017

Rain Today, Tomorrow, Etc.

Many, many years ago, in the good old days, this house was heated using oil.

Actually, heating oil was so cheap that it did not make any sense going through the cost of converting to gas heat. The furnace was actually a converted coal furnace from the real good old days.

The oil company was Ashland and they would periodically send out tips on economical usage with their bills, as energy companies still do today. They could be quite useful.

I particularly recall one that was a reply to a question about when to shut the furnace down for the summer. After all, you get some hot days in May and it would be nice to be able to take out the storm windows and put in the screens as soon as possible to take advantage of the nice weather.

The reply was a cautionary one. It was suggested that June was a much better choice for shutting off the heat. There is quite a bit of wet and even cold weather to be had in May. The risk of mold in a damp, unheated house is considerable and aggravated by the erratic weather.

To say the least, I thought this was just sort of a sales pitch to sell a little more oil at the time.

From experience though, all you have to do in May is shut off the furnace and open the house up and you will definitely get a cold, wet streak. It can get quite expensive switching the furnace on to get some heat and end up heating the great out of doors.

In this part of the country it just is too soon in May to put those screens in regardless how many of your neighbors do. The Niagara Frontier and similar geographical locations just have too much variety in their weather.

Just a look out the window today will show this. A week of rain and cold in May with maybe a little bit of snow mixed in is not all that unusual.

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