Monday, May 8, 2017

Alien Musings

I get so irritated with all the speculations about advanced aliens, the aliens among us, alien installations in Antarctica and the oceans to say nothing of the moon and other places.

The level of hubris in our society that we are the final and greatest step in evolution is actually silly.

Our history is minuscule in nature.

So called histories are written by the victors if recorded at all. Go back a couple of hundred years and what is written is open to conjecture. Go back a couple of thousand and there is very little we can understand at all.

Maybe we are not the "smartest" people who ever existed.


Maybe there were what we consider as advanced societies in the past. Serial different societies. Maybe they killed themselves off by biological warfare or by the use of biologically modified foods that did infinite destruction in the future generations.

Who really knows?

If only we could find some of their computers. The only problem is things like that only last a few years and then they are gone. Just like our current vast amounts of digital data given a period of time. Maybe we should be carving our important records in stone to give them a little longevity.

Are we the first people to have escaped the surface of the Earth?

How can we be so self centered as to think that no one in the previous tens, hundreds, or even millions of years previously thought of ways to do this?

Maybe there are self sufficient colonies distributed through the solar system who have escaped the plagues and asteroid strikes and abrupt climate changes on the home planet. They are all who survived and possibly reseeded our planet after the disasters.

Mutations over a vast number of years and in varying environmental circumstances would make us very different. Maybe our current structure is the result of biological research in days long gone. Maybe our current diseases and frailties are mistakes of some sort. What if they are ways of controlling the population?

Could all these supposed aliens merely be our predecessors?

Asteroids have struck the Earth. Climate has changed radically and abruptly. It is very difficult to believe that our current version of humans are the very first to do anything.

Could the scary creatures of Greek, Roman and other mythologies have actually been based on biological research by previous civilizations?


It is very difficult to prove anything with no real records. The Jews only go back about 5000 years. Egypt, India and China really can not go back huge amounts of time either.
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