Thursday, March 30, 2017

Unsubscribing From Newsletters

I just went through the process of unsubscribing from most of my email newsletters.

I had developed quite a few over the years ranging from politics to business schemes. Some were also supposed to be just informational but seemed to be edging into advocacy for various things.

There were Democratic and Republican oriented ones as I always liked to receive information from the best source and not take the opposing side's word for it. The conversations on both sides seem to have degenerated into a sort of he says, she says type of stuff. All this harping about we are going to get you gets repetitious and boring.

I think I will just wait for any actual trials and convictions rather than dealing with all this name calling stuff.

The same with the supposed business things. They are mostly fluff pieces rather than something of substance.

I am trying to empty out some email addresses as keeping them up does not make any sense any more.

I think there is so much of value out there but it is hidden by the noise of all the irrelevant junk.

Some times you have to step back and decide what is really meaningful.