Monday, February 13, 2017

Model Trains

I still remember the train setup we had on Ferry St. That was a really interesting thing to play with. We had a couple of trains. There were different types of tracke. There were switches. We could really set up complex setups. I really would like to get myself going in something like that again.

It would be good to lay my hands on something real. This computer stuff is all an abstraction. There is nothing real to lay your hands on. It is fun to work out puzzles in programming but what do you really have at the end. Days and weeks of serious labor and then when you run it it goes by in a flash. I did notice this at Moore when working with coding. All the work you go through and it is over in a flash.

The electric train thing seems to be a wedge into the days in the past. It is fun. It involves thinking things out. There is plenty of room in the basement to work. That is what basements are for.

This does not have to be a major project.