Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Nice Picture Of A Country Lane

This is a free stock photo from Dreamstime.

There is nothing really significant other than it shows a country lane approaching a bend.

We can not see what is around the bend in the road. Is is good or bad? Is it scenic or drab? We are headed that way whatever lies ahead.

Can you get philosophical about things like this? 

Of course - but do you really want to bother? Why not live for the moment and see what you will see.Much of what we do is sort of on a lane like this with twists and turns along the way.

At least there are no decisions to make like with Robert Frost and The Road Not Taken

I want to go on. Let's see what is ahead. It is so simple, go or no-go.

It is a little barren where we are. Maybe past the trees it is more interesting.

Boy! You can really waste a lot of time on a Saturday night thinking like this.

 I guess life is like that. Sort of like the thoughts that flow unbidden when looking at a picture.

It is a really nice and sharp image, isn't it?

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