Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Surprise Appearance Of Black-Eyed Susans

Surprise appearance is a good way to describe these flowers showing up at the end of one of my front hedges.

I have always thought some flowers would be nice to break up the green but never got around to doing something about it. These showed up just this year.

They have been shining away for the summer and I suppose they are a little past their prime but they still really look good where they are.

I do not know where they came from. The only others on the street are a little ways down the street but who really knows the workings of nature. I do know the workings, in this case, are very nice.

It may be worth the while in future years to get some for a bed on the other side of the porch. They really brighten things up. They last quite a while too.

I enjoy nice displays of flowers but in recent years it is more as a spectator rather than an active planter.

It is really a great feeling to see something like this showing up. I have always liked to look at my roses, lilacs and such things as daylilies but the persistent display of the black-eyed susans is really impressive.

I have talked it up pretty well and now I really think it would be sort of enjoyable to actually do something.

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