Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just Thinking About Things

The big problem I have is in the present world there is very little privacy
available. There is just no time available to simply daydream and relax. The stresses of the world would be unrelenting.

Would even a round of golf present enough of an escape?

I notice that one of our best presidents, Dwight Eisenhower, was an amateur painter. He endured the pressures of the presidency and of having been a general. Probably the escape into the world of an artist let him zone out the cares of the world for a period and allowed him to maintain his mental health. He was a golfer too.

Each person must maintain a personal space. More or less according to the person but there must be enough.

Probably too much and the person would become sort of an unresponsive zombie. Too little and there might be a tendency to nervousness and irritability.

I really do not think I would like to be a world ruler no matter what the rewards. It is easy to say from my position at the bottom but I do really enjoy having the opportunity to meditate on the flowers on the wall occasionally. It is a rough job but it really should be done.

It is an interesting thing to think about how someone like Alexander The Great conquered much of the world but then died at the age of 32. Would he possibly have done better for himself contemplating roses a bit more than going out and getting multiple battle injuries?

There are always philosophical what could have been thoughts. Some of course are good and others not so good.

It is interesting thinking about how a person could have a personal space when large families were the rule and crowded living conditions. Personal privacy just was not available in many situations in the past. Many people nowadays are kept on a fairly tight leash as well.

Too much or too little. It really is not an option of our choosing in many cases. We are dealt the cards we must play with.

It is a shame that so much potential is wasted in many cases by frustration over having nothing to do or frustration over being swamped with things to do.

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