Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just Some Ad Observations

I enjoy reading news articles online.  

If you pick a variety of sources there is a variety of perspectives that I think gives a much more complete picture of current events.

I also like to dig down into the articles and look through other items that catch my eye.  

These sub-articles have been known to be more interesting than the original article. Sometimes there are very informative videos available.

I have been having quite a bit of trouble recently with the computer locking up.  

Sometimes it freezes or slows down ridiculously. Sometimes it seems to take forever to load the next page or something attached to it. I have gotten so frustrated that I have rebooted the computer because nothing else seems to work.

Often, when I got things going again I would see that there were three - four or even five webpages loaded consisting of ads. They would just overload the computer. Both my Windows computer and the Linux machine. They are both running Firefox because I have had the best luck with that browser

I figured it was just because both machines were getting up there in years.  

They could not handle the modern workloads. Maybe what I really need is an up to date Windows 10 computer and forget about nursing these old ones along.

I did notice an article about the results some people were having using ad blocking software. 

I was a little leary about this because sometimes I really do like to see the ads. They do show a lot of interesting ideas at times.

I am beside myself though because of these lockups and slowdowns on both machines so I decided to look a little further.

Google told me that ad blocker software worked through the browser itself.  

There was stuff for Chrome, Firefox and whatever.

I decided to check out what Firefox had to offer in add ins.  

There was an ad blocker right on the first screen I looked at. I looked at the writeup and was not really impressed. It was in the number one position so I figured I would try it and shop around later once I knew something. The name did contain the word video something but II am not even really sure about the name.

I made no special settings. It is running exactly as it was when it was installed.

You could not force me to take it off my machine. 

Everything runs faster. I can look at news article videos and switch over to another video and my computer works great. Not even any slowdowns.

I had to try this on the other computer too. 

 It is actually running Lubuntu version of Linux and experiences were similar to the Windows machine.

It came up with a different ad blocker name but I did not care. I installed the first one I came across. There is always the hope that they are displaying the best first. I got the same results again. All that background stuff that was messing up the computer was blocked. The computer ran very fast an had no slowdowns.

I think the companies are focused on making all the income they can. 

They are disregarding the problems all these ads are causing. Maybe there is no problem with the latest verion of hardware and software. There definitely is with a situation where everything is not cutting-edge

Some comments would be quite interesting..

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