Sunday, August 7, 2016

How To Tie 7 Essential Knots

Nobody needs to know this stuff but sailors (until we see how useful they really are).

These are the basics

- the square knot, the bowline, the clove hitch and more.

These knots, properly made, will not slip.

They will not jamb. They are simple to tie and fast to work with.

Try them out at home and you will be amazed.

They have been used by seafaring cultures world wide because they really work. You do not have to use a knife to remove the line. When you know them they can be tied under the worst of conditions.

Need a loop that absolutely will not slip but is simple to untie. Try a bowline.

A simple knot to tie two separate lines together? A square knot does the job without slipping but is easy to untie.

What if you have two different sizes. Or one is stiff and the other is not? A sheet bend works without slipping and is easy to untie.

Get a little clothes line and play with these until you learn them.

I am certain when you can see how useful they are you will soon be using them around the house. Maybe even camping and picnics too.

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