Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Niagara Falls

Isn't it really interesting how living a few miles from a natural wonder of the world sometimes can be taken for granted.

It is such an easy trip to get there that you might tend to take it for granted. It really is huge.

I think one of the things that happens is we need to somehow attempt to diminish something so vast.

The beauty can even defy description at times. It is something you never really tire of seeing.

It is quite an interesting being dwarfed by nature. It is actually a great experience wandering around the area.

There is something for everyone and it even changes with the time of the day and also the time of the year.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Physics of Sailing - KQED QUEST

You can not imagine how fascinating this is to anyone who has done a little sailing.

I hope there are some comments

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bothersome Changes

Generally it is the small changes we have to make that seem to create the most

I use FIOS and you have to dial 10 digits. No "1" at the start, just ten digits for all calls.

It is hard to describe how worrisome this change seemed before I had to actually use it. I was never going to be able to remember all those numbers.

It seems so silly now but during the buildup to the switch I was really concerned.

Not too many people today remember the previous number we used like LIncoln-1068 or UNiversity-8467 but we survived not having words or names to remind us of the first two digits.

Ten digits seems natural now.

It is actually simpler dialing anywhere in the country now and with my plan the cost is the same. All I have to do is dial 617 as the first three numbers rather than 716 and it is simple as a local call.

It is a little aggravating every now and then getting wrong numbers from places like Seattle, WA but I guess that is the price you have to pay.

In a way it is being pulled out of your comfort zone.

You had gotten comfortable where you were and any change at all creates an unsettled feeling.

Getting rid of nuisances like party lines and trying to explain to an operator what you really mean is really progress in my book.

Forget the loss of telephone books. There are other ways to deal with it

Some comments would be appreciated.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Thunderbird - A Brief Review

I have three emails that are pop3 protocol. 

I was using them with Windows Live 2011 on Vista. It is an older protocol but I like the idea of saving the emails to the hard drive where they can be backed up simply and can be used as files when you need to.

These are not good days for Vista and older versions of Windows Live.

The computer would freeze or run very slowly. Downloading the emails seemed to take forever at times. Some times for no reason I could figure it just would not start. I have several years of saved emails I can not replace so trashing things and using nothing but web-based emails like gmail and Yahoo was not an option.

I did also want something I could use on both Windows and Linux. 

I did start looking at Linux because it is something I was almost totally ignorant about.

I found one in particular, Sylpheed.

I tried it out and the setup was surprisingly simple. Best part was it sent and received emails when I tested it. Even better, it has a Windows version and is free.

Then the gong.

No HTML mail. Text only. I really like to look at the graphics and color in some emails. Text only has its place but it was not for me.

Another possibility was a program from Mozilla called Thunderbird

I was really trying to avoid this one because I had some bad setup experiences in the past.

It was available through Lubuntu Software Center, the version of Linux I use. That is good because it greatly simplifies setup. All went very well so there were probably updates to the software since I last tried it.

There was no problem entering incoming and outgoing servers or the ports.

It was pretty much automatic. Just go along with the suggestions.

The test emails went back and forth just like they should. There is also the capability to show HTML mail with all the pretty pictures.

The Windows installation went just as smoothly.

The only concern I had was that it wanted to install itself as the default email which would displace Windows Live. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. It all worked out.

I have all three emails on each machine and they are really working well.

There are a few things I do not feel quite right about. 

Contacts is probably the one thing I am not too keen on. It just seems crude to me.

All in all, this is a very well designed piece of software.

It is easy to setup and easy to customize the setup where it may need it.

Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Beta Blocker Experience

One of the meds I take is called a beta blocker. It blocks the use of adrenaline by the body.

This is just the thing for a person who has had heart surgery. 

It relaxes the heart and blood vessels. It reduces high blood pressure. It is also a stress reliever. You do lose the fight or flight response of the body.

This can be a good thing as well because stress is dangerous to your heart when it is too severe or long lasting.

It is not a medication that just zeros in on a specific part of the body.  

The effects are body wide and involve anything depending on blood flow. Sex is one of these.

Side effects also can include sweating, fatigue and related things.

The loss of fight or flight responses is a two edged sword.  

You just do not get mad over everyday things. It is not chemically possible as long as your adrenaline is blocked. I have been admired for my patience in certain things. I am not saying that anger can not occur it is just that you will not get the racing heartbeat and elevated blood pressure that prepares you for battle or escape.

It can make it a little interesting getting things done.  

There is no normal stress to move you on.

You can not fly a plane or work stressful jobs because you just do not have the reactions needed to do the work. Could you imagine a cop who could not respond to the type of things they have thrown at them regularly.

A concern of mine is a lack of motivation. 

I do things I know I have to do day to day.  I do not know if I am missing the drive necessary to do a lot of things I wish I could do.

It is an interesting situation.  

The pill saves your life. However it may also take a good part of it away. Nothing is too obvious or simple in life.

It could be an interesting subject for a comment.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Just A Few Sunsets

To see a beautiful sunset is one of the best ways to get relaxed for the evening.

This is a case of you know it when you see it. It is always an unexpected surprise when you look up and there is a beautiful burst of color as the sun goes over the horizon.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just Some Ad Observations

I enjoy reading news articles online.  

If you pick a variety of sources there is a variety of perspectives that I think gives a much more complete picture of current events.

I also like to dig down into the articles and look through other items that catch my eye.  

These sub-articles have been known to be more interesting than the original article. Sometimes there are very informative videos available.

I have been having quite a bit of trouble recently with the computer locking up.  

Sometimes it freezes or slows down ridiculously. Sometimes it seems to take forever to load the next page or something attached to it. I have gotten so frustrated that I have rebooted the computer because nothing else seems to work.

Often, when I got things going again I would see that there were three - four or even five webpages loaded consisting of ads. They would just overload the computer. Both my Windows computer and the Linux machine. They are both running Firefox because I have had the best luck with that browser

I figured it was just because both machines were getting up there in years.  

They could not handle the modern workloads. Maybe what I really need is an up to date Windows 10 computer and forget about nursing these old ones along.

I did notice an article about the results some people were having using ad blocking software. 

I was a little leary about this because sometimes I really do like to see the ads. They do show a lot of interesting ideas at times.

I am beside myself though because of these lockups and slowdowns on both machines so I decided to look a little further.

Google told me that ad blocker software worked through the browser itself.  

There was stuff for Chrome, Firefox and whatever.

I decided to check out what Firefox had to offer in add ins.  

There was an ad blocker right on the first screen I looked at. I looked at the writeup and was not really impressed. It was in the number one position so I figured I would try it and shop around later once I knew something. The name did contain the word video something but II am not even really sure about the name.

I made no special settings. It is running exactly as it was when it was installed.

You could not force me to take it off my machine. 

Everything runs faster. I can look at news article videos and switch over to another video and my computer works great. Not even any slowdowns.

I had to try this on the other computer too. 

 It is actually running Lubuntu version of Linux and experiences were similar to the Windows machine.

It came up with a different ad blocker name but I did not care. I installed the first one I came across. There is always the hope that they are displaying the best first. I got the same results again. All that background stuff that was messing up the computer was blocked. The computer ran very fast an had no slowdowns.

I think the companies are focused on making all the income they can. 

They are disregarding the problems all these ads are causing. Maybe there is no problem with the latest verion of hardware and software. There definitely is with a situation where everything is not cutting-edge

Some comments would be quite interesting..

Sunday, August 7, 2016

How To Tie 7 Essential Knots

Nobody needs to know this stuff but sailors (until we see how useful they really are).

These are the basics

- the square knot, the bowline, the clove hitch and more.

These knots, properly made, will not slip.

They will not jamb. They are simple to tie and fast to work with.

Try them out at home and you will be amazed.

They have been used by seafaring cultures world wide because they really work. You do not have to use a knife to remove the line. When you know them they can be tied under the worst of conditions.

Need a loop that absolutely will not slip but is simple to untie. Try a bowline.

A simple knot to tie two separate lines together? A square knot does the job without slipping but is easy to untie.

What if you have two different sizes. Or one is stiff and the other is not? A sheet bend works without slipping and is easy to untie.

Get a little clothes line and play with these until you learn them.

I am certain when you can see how useful they are you will soon be using them around the house. Maybe even camping and picnics too.

A comment would be nice. Thanks!