Monday, June 20, 2016

do you whistle while you work

Why shouldn't we be happy at our work?

Why not whistle while you work as long as it doesn't bother anyone?

Actually, your boss should be very happy for you.

Couldn't you just imagine the tremendous volume of work that would be put out if everyone was happy? 

There are no limits to how much could be accomplished like this.

Most of us have to make the trek to work every day to make enough money to pay the bills. This is just the reality we face for majority of our good years. You work!

Is there an alternative? 

Of course. Public assistance.Some people make a lifetime practice of this. They get all the benefits a caseworker shows them how to get including foodstamps. Some even try to better their lives by winning the big one with lottery tickets.

Is this a happy way to live? I do not think so although quite a few people choose to live it because they can't seem to figure out anything else.

You may also want to try working on your own. 

There is always the internet. This has a rather harsh learning curve in many cases though. You learn pretty fast that a huge percentage of what is out there is "bright shiny objects" that almost blind us with their promises and then turn out to be nothing but a money pit.

Probably the most satisfying thing is volunteering. 

The only problem is there is no money for those bills so we generally leave it to retired people who have sort of an income already.

Both the military and other governmental type jobs do not really fall into a category where you have a say in the job conditions.

It really would not be good policy for the police, military, school teachers or social workers to even look like they are laughing.

I think though, that for manufacturing and service industry positions 

that there is a lot of room to lighten up. A more relaxed workforce could reduce the stress related errors that creep into everyday work. Not to take them lightly. There could be an improvement in efficiency.

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Thank you