Saturday, May 14, 2016

Some Good Things About The Election

Doesn't all this name calling on either side just get to you at times? What could possibly be the good things about the election so far.

You have to realize there are quite a few people who have already put in very large amounts of money and emotions into securing a good outcome. I have seen the number stated as 17 people trying to get the Republican nomination. People do not put in tremendous efforts and not have some sort of backlash if they fail.

The primary series was a very hard fought one. It was sort of a  no holds barred situation. A lot was said and done that has to have strong repercussions. That is as it should be. These are highly intelligent and opinionated people.

At least this year there seems to be no Ross Perot, John Anderson or Bull Mooses running wild. Every one seems to realize the destructive nature of a third party candidacy.

Not everyone is talking yet and there are the doom merchants as is to be expected. Hopefully this will pretty much work itself out in time. A well organized chorus of voices is not to be expected but a certain unity is needed. Probably a sort of shotgun wedding caused by a look at the alternatives.

As the election season works its way through and the issues clarify themselves there should be a coming together of those who have taken opposing and hard line views.

You are not going to get everything you want so be happy with what you can salvage in the give and take involved. Good people have stubbornly put their foot down and drawn a line in the sand. That was the end of them.

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