Monday, April 25, 2016

Such Is Life - The Weather

It is only 45 right now at 7am and only expected to get up to the mid 50s at the highest today. Tomorrow is only supposed to get cooler.

Almost every house around here put their screens in at the first hint of warm weather. I would assume they also shut down their furnaces. Must be a little chilly inside right now. Especially during these cold mornings.

I never put my screens in and my furnace has been clicking on regularly.

I remember years ago getting a newsletter from Ashland Oil who supplied heating oil in those long ago days when we used it.

They replied to a question about when was the best time to shut your furnace off for the summer. They replied that it may be wise to keep it on until June in places.

Yes, there are warm, sunny days before then but there are also cold, damp ones and there is the problem of the growth of mold in a cold, damp house.

Needless to say, I thought they were just pushing more heating oil to make more money but as I look back on it there was some real wisdom in the advice.

Just think of how you are shivering on these cold and damp days and think about how being able to run the furnace without heating the great out of doors would be nice.

Your comments would really be appreciated!
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