Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Green Earth

I really like some of the objectives of the environmental movement.

  • A cleaner earth for us to enjoy.
  • Re-use rather than wasting used materials.
  • Sustainability allowing natural replacement rather than use up what's there and move on.
  • Protection of the public health.
  • Common sense usage and less waste.

The problems I have run into are the more radical elements who can be so radical as to want to reduce or even eliminate people so the Earth can go on its way untarnished.

The almost mindless destruction of what is to replace it with what some group considers their ideal situation.

Much of this is purely money driven where certain elements want to destroy the old just so they can sell their "new and better" versions. 

I have even seen advocacy of some things as abortion as a way to improve humanity by improving the quality of the human race.

Things like this made me very concerned when I saw the Church embracing environmentalism. How wrong I was about this concern.

People are the prime concern of the church. Life is the basis of everything.

What we must do is intelligently use what is made available to us. Everything is made for the benefit of man. We should use it to benefit everyone and not just preserve it like some museum display.

Throughout the Bible and throughout the encyclicals of the church there is the common thread of the fact that all was created for the benefit of man. From Genesis on down this is repeated. This is not a recent concern of the church but rather a centuries old pursuit as is evidenced in writings after writings.

This is the basis of a wonderful, progressive green movement where all is for the benefit of man.

Your comments would really be appreciated, good or not so good.

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