Sunday, December 4, 2016

Brighten Up!

It is a little dreary and chilly this morning so I dug into some pictures for something more interesting.

I have no idea where it is from but I thought it looks nice and hope you do too. I found it in Google Images.

You want a good morning song too: Try this one: Morning Has Broken

How much more "feel good" stuff do you need to break out of your funk?

This may be overdooing it a little but I have been told we really can make a choice in the morning about how the day can go.

Why not give it a try? There is nothing to lose and who knows?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Third Winter

It is hard to believe that this will be the third winter for my snowblower already.

Considering it is a mechanical thing and they are always apparently subject to aggravating problems, this one has really held up well.

Before it hits, I think few people really want to think about the snow that is coming. 

I know that I certainly don't want to. I would be perfectively happy with a few more days in the 70s. I guess it is not to be though this year.

Last year I did have a little trouble getting the snowblower going. 

It was cold, snowy and blowing and I do have an electric start but it would not catch for a while. I guess if you do not drain the old fuel out the previous spring and then start the current use with fresh gas it is possible to get ice in the fuel line and plug it. The water separates over the summer and freezes when it gets cold.

It did eventually start and I never had a problem after that but this year I thought I would try a pre-emptive strike. A couple of days ago I got out there to try it. It started almost instantly and I let it run a little so it could warm up thoroughly.

I guess it was ice last year. 

This year it started right away even though I had not drained the tank previously.

What would I have done with the old gas if I had managed to figure out how to drain it out without making too much of a mess last spring? Put it in the garbage? There are no real gas stations around within range to dispose of waste. All we have any more around here are food stores with a couple of gas pumps.

I am all set for Winter now if it does show up sometime.

The lawnmower is up on blocks. There is a fresh can of gas waiting to be poured into the snowblower. The snowblower is front-and-center in the garage and the extension cord is all set to plug in for starting.

I dislike the first shock of the cold when I go out on a snowy day. 

Once I get myself going though, I really enjoy myself. It is sort of like going into the water at the beach. You are really hesitant until you take that first dive but then you do not want to get out.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thousands protest Bush's 1st Inauguration (2001)

These people even use the same words like racism and whatever crap. The current election with Trump and the so-called protests is just a rerun of all the silliness.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How to Wear a Full Formal Kilt Outfit with All Accessories

I thought people would be saturated with election things today and would like to learn something important.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dealing With Drought

The worldwide water shortage seems to be getting worse as time goes on.

I came across this short video and it looks very interesting.

We have potential disasters brewing in the West in the coming years if predictions come tue. What this video covers should be particularly interesting in the desert Southwest I would think.

Courtesy of

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Crisis by Thomas Paine

The Crisis by Thomas Paine is a series of pamphlets written under the pseudonym "Common Sense".

In the first pamphlet:  December 23, 1776. "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

Really inspiring words for people torn by dissension and probably frightened for the future.

It is easy to minimize what they were living through. The mists of time shroud the way of life the people were leading. The pressures must have seemed tremendous.

There are videos on YouTube that give a really close look at the big cities and such smaller places as Saratoga, Monmouth, Yorktown and many, many more locations.

The battles at Trenton and Princeton were fought in the dead of winter by an army dressed for a large part in rags.

It is just a fascinating part of our country's history brought to life in these videos.

We tend to get all involved in our current conditions, especially with an election nearing. Others from the past have struggled greatly to help us on our way so far.

Let us remember that our current crisis is our effort to build for those who follow us.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Nice Picture Of A Country Lane

This is a free stock photo from Dreamstime.

There is nothing really significant other than it shows a country lane approaching a bend.

We can not see what is around the bend in the road. Is is good or bad? Is it scenic or drab? We are headed that way whatever lies ahead.

Can you get philosophical about things like this? 

Of course - but do you really want to bother? Why not live for the moment and see what you will see.Much of what we do is sort of on a lane like this with twists and turns along the way.

At least there are no decisions to make like with Robert Frost and The Road Not Taken

I want to go on. Let's see what is ahead. It is so simple, go or no-go.

It is a little barren where we are. Maybe past the trees it is more interesting.

Boy! You can really waste a lot of time on a Saturday night thinking like this.

 I guess life is like that. Sort of like the thoughts that flow unbidden when looking at a picture.

It is a really nice and sharp image, isn't it?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just Thinking About Things

The big problem I have is in the present world there is very little privacy
available. There is just no time available to simply daydream and relax. The stresses of the world would be unrelenting.

Would even a round of golf present enough of an escape?

I notice that one of our best presidents, Dwight Eisenhower, was an amateur painter. He endured the pressures of the presidency and of having been a general. Probably the escape into the world of an artist let him zone out the cares of the world for a period and allowed him to maintain his mental health. He was a golfer too.

Each person must maintain a personal space. More or less according to the person but there must be enough.

Probably too much and the person would become sort of an unresponsive zombie. Too little and there might be a tendency to nervousness and irritability.

I really do not think I would like to be a world ruler no matter what the rewards. It is easy to say from my position at the bottom but I do really enjoy having the opportunity to meditate on the flowers on the wall occasionally. It is a rough job but it really should be done.

It is an interesting thing to think about how someone like Alexander The Great conquered much of the world but then died at the age of 32. Would he possibly have done better for himself contemplating roses a bit more than going out and getting multiple battle injuries?

There are always philosophical what could have been thoughts. Some of course are good and others not so good.

It is interesting thinking about how a person could have a personal space when large families were the rule and crowded living conditions. Personal privacy just was not available in many situations in the past. Many people nowadays are kept on a fairly tight leash as well.

Too much or too little. It really is not an option of our choosing in many cases. We are dealt the cards we must play with.

It is a shame that so much potential is wasted in many cases by frustration over having nothing to do or frustration over being swamped with things to do.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Surprise Appearance Of Black-Eyed Susans

Surprise appearance is a good way to describe these flowers showing up at the end of one of my front hedges.

I have always thought some flowers would be nice to break up the green but never got around to doing something about it. These showed up just this year.

They have been shining away for the summer and I suppose they are a little past their prime but they still really look good where they are.

I do not know where they came from. The only others on the street are a little ways down the street but who really knows the workings of nature. I do know the workings, in this case, are very nice.

It may be worth the while in future years to get some for a bed on the other side of the porch. They really brighten things up. They last quite a while too.

I enjoy nice displays of flowers but in recent years it is more as a spectator rather than an active planter.

It is really a great feeling to see something like this showing up. I have always liked to look at my roses, lilacs and such things as daylilies but the persistent display of the black-eyed susans is really impressive.

I have talked it up pretty well and now I really think it would be sort of enjoyable to actually do something.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Niagara Falls

Isn't it really interesting how living a few miles from a natural wonder of the world sometimes can be taken for granted.

It is such an easy trip to get there that you might tend to take it for granted. It really is huge.

I think one of the things that happens is we need to somehow attempt to diminish something so vast.

The beauty can even defy description at times. It is something you never really tire of seeing.

It is quite an interesting being dwarfed by nature. It is actually a great experience wandering around the area.

There is something for everyone and it even changes with the time of the day and also the time of the year.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Physics of Sailing - KQED QUEST

You can not imagine how fascinating this is to anyone who has done a little sailing.

I hope there are some comments

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bothersome Changes

Generally it is the small changes we have to make that seem to create the most

I use FIOS and you have to dial 10 digits. No "1" at the start, just ten digits for all calls.

It is hard to describe how worrisome this change seemed before I had to actually use it. I was never going to be able to remember all those numbers.

It seems so silly now but during the buildup to the switch I was really concerned.

Not too many people today remember the previous number we used like LIncoln-1068 or UNiversity-8467 but we survived not having words or names to remind us of the first two digits.

Ten digits seems natural now.

It is actually simpler dialing anywhere in the country now and with my plan the cost is the same. All I have to do is dial 617 as the first three numbers rather than 716 and it is simple as a local call.

It is a little aggravating every now and then getting wrong numbers from places like Seattle, WA but I guess that is the price you have to pay.

In a way it is being pulled out of your comfort zone.

You had gotten comfortable where you were and any change at all creates an unsettled feeling.

Getting rid of nuisances like party lines and trying to explain to an operator what you really mean is really progress in my book.

Forget the loss of telephone books. There are other ways to deal with it

Some comments would be appreciated.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Thunderbird - A Brief Review

I have three emails that are pop3 protocol. 

I was using them with Windows Live 2011 on Vista. It is an older protocol but I like the idea of saving the emails to the hard drive where they can be backed up simply and can be used as files when you need to.

These are not good days for Vista and older versions of Windows Live.

The computer would freeze or run very slowly. Downloading the emails seemed to take forever at times. Some times for no reason I could figure it just would not start. I have several years of saved emails I can not replace so trashing things and using nothing but web-based emails like gmail and Yahoo was not an option.

I did also want something I could use on both Windows and Linux. 

I did start looking at Linux because it is something I was almost totally ignorant about.

I found one in particular, Sylpheed.

I tried it out and the setup was surprisingly simple. Best part was it sent and received emails when I tested it. Even better, it has a Windows version and is free.

Then the gong.

No HTML mail. Text only. I really like to look at the graphics and color in some emails. Text only has its place but it was not for me.

Another possibility was a program from Mozilla called Thunderbird

I was really trying to avoid this one because I had some bad setup experiences in the past.

It was available through Lubuntu Software Center, the version of Linux I use. That is good because it greatly simplifies setup. All went very well so there were probably updates to the software since I last tried it.

There was no problem entering incoming and outgoing servers or the ports.

It was pretty much automatic. Just go along with the suggestions.

The test emails went back and forth just like they should. There is also the capability to show HTML mail with all the pretty pictures.

The Windows installation went just as smoothly.

The only concern I had was that it wanted to install itself as the default email which would displace Windows Live. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. It all worked out.

I have all three emails on each machine and they are really working well.

There are a few things I do not feel quite right about. 

Contacts is probably the one thing I am not too keen on. It just seems crude to me.

All in all, this is a very well designed piece of software.

It is easy to setup and easy to customize the setup where it may need it.

Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Beta Blocker Experience

One of the meds I take is called a beta blocker. It blocks the use of adrenaline by the body.

This is just the thing for a person who has had heart surgery. 

It relaxes the heart and blood vessels. It reduces high blood pressure. It is also a stress reliever. You do lose the fight or flight response of the body.

This can be a good thing as well because stress is dangerous to your heart when it is too severe or long lasting.

It is not a medication that just zeros in on a specific part of the body.  

The effects are body wide and involve anything depending on blood flow. Sex is one of these.

Side effects also can include sweating, fatigue and related things.

The loss of fight or flight responses is a two edged sword.  

You just do not get mad over everyday things. It is not chemically possible as long as your adrenaline is blocked. I have been admired for my patience in certain things. I am not saying that anger can not occur it is just that you will not get the racing heartbeat and elevated blood pressure that prepares you for battle or escape.

It can make it a little interesting getting things done.  

There is no normal stress to move you on.

You can not fly a plane or work stressful jobs because you just do not have the reactions needed to do the work. Could you imagine a cop who could not respond to the type of things they have thrown at them regularly.

A concern of mine is a lack of motivation. 

I do things I know I have to do day to day.  I do not know if I am missing the drive necessary to do a lot of things I wish I could do.

It is an interesting situation.  

The pill saves your life. However it may also take a good part of it away. Nothing is too obvious or simple in life.

It could be an interesting subject for a comment.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Just A Few Sunsets

To see a beautiful sunset is one of the best ways to get relaxed for the evening.

This is a case of you know it when you see it. It is always an unexpected surprise when you look up and there is a beautiful burst of color as the sun goes over the horizon.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just Some Ad Observations

I enjoy reading news articles online.  

If you pick a variety of sources there is a variety of perspectives that I think gives a much more complete picture of current events.

I also like to dig down into the articles and look through other items that catch my eye.  

These sub-articles have been known to be more interesting than the original article. Sometimes there are very informative videos available.

I have been having quite a bit of trouble recently with the computer locking up.  

Sometimes it freezes or slows down ridiculously. Sometimes it seems to take forever to load the next page or something attached to it. I have gotten so frustrated that I have rebooted the computer because nothing else seems to work.

Often, when I got things going again I would see that there were three - four or even five webpages loaded consisting of ads. They would just overload the computer. Both my Windows computer and the Linux machine. They are both running Firefox because I have had the best luck with that browser

I figured it was just because both machines were getting up there in years.  

They could not handle the modern workloads. Maybe what I really need is an up to date Windows 10 computer and forget about nursing these old ones along.

I did notice an article about the results some people were having using ad blocking software. 

I was a little leary about this because sometimes I really do like to see the ads. They do show a lot of interesting ideas at times.

I am beside myself though because of these lockups and slowdowns on both machines so I decided to look a little further.

Google told me that ad blocker software worked through the browser itself.  

There was stuff for Chrome, Firefox and whatever.

I decided to check out what Firefox had to offer in add ins.  

There was an ad blocker right on the first screen I looked at. I looked at the writeup and was not really impressed. It was in the number one position so I figured I would try it and shop around later once I knew something. The name did contain the word video something but II am not even really sure about the name.

I made no special settings. It is running exactly as it was when it was installed.

You could not force me to take it off my machine. 

Everything runs faster. I can look at news article videos and switch over to another video and my computer works great. Not even any slowdowns.

I had to try this on the other computer too. 

 It is actually running Lubuntu version of Linux and experiences were similar to the Windows machine.

It came up with a different ad blocker name but I did not care. I installed the first one I came across. There is always the hope that they are displaying the best first. I got the same results again. All that background stuff that was messing up the computer was blocked. The computer ran very fast an had no slowdowns.

I think the companies are focused on making all the income they can. 

They are disregarding the problems all these ads are causing. Maybe there is no problem with the latest verion of hardware and software. There definitely is with a situation where everything is not cutting-edge

Some comments would be quite interesting..

Sunday, August 7, 2016

How To Tie 7 Essential Knots

Nobody needs to know this stuff but sailors (until we see how useful they really are).

These are the basics

- the square knot, the bowline, the clove hitch and more.

These knots, properly made, will not slip.

They will not jamb. They are simple to tie and fast to work with.

Try them out at home and you will be amazed.

They have been used by seafaring cultures world wide because they really work. You do not have to use a knife to remove the line. When you know them they can be tied under the worst of conditions.

Need a loop that absolutely will not slip but is simple to untie. Try a bowline.

A simple knot to tie two separate lines together? A square knot does the job without slipping but is easy to untie.

What if you have two different sizes. Or one is stiff and the other is not? A sheet bend works without slipping and is easy to untie.

Get a little clothes line and play with these until you learn them.

I am certain when you can see how useful they are you will soon be using them around the house. Maybe even camping and picnics too.

A comment would be nice. Thanks! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Purple Cow

Sometimes the world gets so serious we have to take a step back and reevaluate things.

What really is important? Does fixating on a lot of the things thrown at us do anyone any real good?

If we can just lighten up and see the world clearly maybe we would be a lot better off. Are Donald and Hillary really that important to your everyday life that you should focus on them to the exclusion of other more immediate things.

It is a little hot and dry right now outside. So what! Be glad you are not shivering from the cold.

So whatever you do make sure it is in a laid-back way and see all the flowers around you.

Tonight, when it cools off a little, take a walk. Throw your cell phone in a drawer so it doesn't bother you and look at the real world. There is really a lot to be seen and it is all in living color!

Have a nice day! If you get a chance leave a comment.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Riding NFTA Metro - Review

It is a Sunday afternoon and I had some cash I wanted to put into a bank atm. 

Seeing it is almost 90 degrees out and it is clouding up sort of like a thunderstorm prelude, maybe walking is not the best choice.

I have a NFTA Metro monthly bus pass so travel is free on the buses and trains. I figured that it might be interesting to take a ride on an off day.

Which bank to go to. 

Actually there are 4 branches located in the 4 points of the compass. I could take the 5 bus to either Riverside or to the University Plaza. Crosswise from this would to take the 20 bus either to the bank branch by Delaware and Sheridan or take it to Downtown to the Elmwood Village neighborhood near West Ferry.

Actually I was sort of partial to the University Plaza because after I got off to go to the bank the bus just continues to the University Station. It then starts its trip back so I probably would not have a long wait.

I do have the schedules and I also have an app on my smart phone named “Roadify Transit” that I downloaded from the Google Store for free. It gives you the number of minutes until the next bus is due at whatever stop you are at. It is neat. It uses satellite location services so it knows exactly where you are..

I looked at the phone and found there was a bus headed Downtown on the 20 Elmwood route in 6 minutes. 

With Sunday schedules the other waits were up to a half hour. The 20 Elmwood runs every half hour and the 5 Niagara Kenmore is every 40-45 minutes during the daytime on Sunday. No waiting made up my mind.

It was nice on the bus with the air conditioning. 

The bus had quite a few people on it without being overcrowded. A very comfortable, relaxing ride. It is really nice having the driver worrying about all the traffic, including bicyclists, in the Elmwood business section. That area is always a little chaotic with the traffic.

I got off the bus and gave the bank my money. 

All done in no time at all. I was the only person at the atm.

My phone said there were only two minutes before the next bus home. 

It was a little too warm to wander the area a little like I like to do every now and then. I walked to the nearest stop which was only a block away. A lady was waiting so I knew I had not missed the bus.

It was a few minutes before the bus actually came. That part of Elmwood was very congested so a little delay was very understandable. The air conditioning really felt great.

The bus ride was very uneventful except I got a kick out of what happened around Buffalo State. 

It was kind of fun to watch.

A bridge is being replaced over the expressway and Scajaquada Creek. Half is done and all traffic is being funneled over the half that is done. Merging lanes results in very interesting traffic jams.

The bus has to stop at bus stops and so drives along the curb where there is very little traffic.They actually fly past the bumper to bumper jam up in the center lane. The good part comes when the traffic is all merged into the center lane to cross the bridge. You usually picture busses as slow and clumsy and an obstruction to traffic flow. No one blocks a bus from getting into the center lane though when they have a schedule to keep. Especially if it is only bumper to bumper traffic.

When driving, I have been frozen out of lanes at merges like that for all sorts of time. 

But nobody has the nerve or foolishness to block a bus that wants to get in. I am fascinated watching it.

The ride went along smoothly for the rest of the trip. 

You get to see all the construction work with no stress. You can daydream a little going through the park.

Why would a person want to sit on a stuffy city bus on a Sunday afternoon if they did not have to?

It really is a very comfortable experience. 

It is cool on a hot day. It is comfortably warm on a cold day. The seats are actually quite comfortable and very available without the rush hour crowds.

The buses really do run pretty much on schedule. 

As long as you have some way of knowing when busses are due, and you have the flexibility, the waits can be very reasonable.

It is really a great way to see the area. 

I have been all around Erie County and to Niagara Falls basically for free. I need the pass for work and enjoy the added benefits. Did you go to the Canal Fest in the Tonawandas - for free - without the driving hassles this year?

From going to the Galleria or the Boulevard Mall sometimes with no more planning than seeing what time the next bus runs and acting on it.

I have always liked to get around to see what the area has to offer. 

It really does not require a car to take a Sunday drive. Just put your mind to it a little.

You will find you have been missing an awful lot that is available..

It would be really neat to get some comments from others. This type of traveling can be a lot of fun at times.


Monday, June 20, 2016

do you whistle while you work

Why shouldn't we be happy at our work?

Why not whistle while you work as long as it doesn't bother anyone?

Actually, your boss should be very happy for you.

Couldn't you just imagine the tremendous volume of work that would be put out if everyone was happy? 

There are no limits to how much could be accomplished like this.

Most of us have to make the trek to work every day to make enough money to pay the bills. This is just the reality we face for majority of our good years. You work!

Is there an alternative? 

Of course. Public assistance.Some people make a lifetime practice of this. They get all the benefits a caseworker shows them how to get including foodstamps. Some even try to better their lives by winning the big one with lottery tickets.

Is this a happy way to live? I do not think so although quite a few people choose to live it because they can't seem to figure out anything else.

You may also want to try working on your own. 

There is always the internet. This has a rather harsh learning curve in many cases though. You learn pretty fast that a huge percentage of what is out there is "bright shiny objects" that almost blind us with their promises and then turn out to be nothing but a money pit.

Probably the most satisfying thing is volunteering. 

The only problem is there is no money for those bills so we generally leave it to retired people who have sort of an income already.

Both the military and other governmental type jobs do not really fall into a category where you have a say in the job conditions.

It really would not be good policy for the police, military, school teachers or social workers to even look like they are laughing.

I think though, that for manufacturing and service industry positions 

that there is a lot of room to lighten up. A more relaxed workforce could reduce the stress related errors that creep into everyday work. Not to take them lightly. There could be an improvement in efficiency.

It would be great to get your feelings by leaving a comment below.

Thank you

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our Real Problem - Ask Question Get Answer

Sounds trivial, doesn't it? Just ask a question and get an answer, right?
  • I suppose you should reword it to intelligent question.
  • Or reword it to accurate question.
  • Or just sensible question.
  • What about a dumb question?
The basic thing about questions is they do not come out of a vacuum. We really have to know something before we can even ask a question.

Remember way back in school when you first started on a new course? You didn't even know what questions to ask about. Everything was new. You did not even have the words  you needed.

A person of limited experience really is a cripple when it comes to asking questions as they do not even have the useful words they need. How do you ask a question if the words are not even in your vocabulary? You basically do not know what you do not know.

Let's face it - there are really things we do not want to know. Experiences we do not want to have. Life has a lot of really good things and bad things. Just look at a newspaper.

Unless we are living on a desert island where nothing else is possible, we should really try to broaden ourselves as much as we can. Learning about our world allows us to ask intelligent questions. It gives us more options on what to do with our lives. It makes it so others are more likely to enjoy our company.

There is an excellent article the Readers Digest printed about 10 Rooms in the House of Life. Check it out. I belive it is a gret source for our lives and incidentally will let us question things around us much more effectively.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

How About This: life as we know it can change in an instant

Isn't this a philosophical kick?

What brought this on?

An idle, random memory came to me of when I was in my teenage years. A friend of mine was driving along and talking away like he usually did. He kept looking at me like he was prone to do when talking. All of a sudden we came to a construction site and he jammed on his brakes to avoid a barrier that came up all of a sudden. He also swerved and bumped a construction worker. No damage anywhere but a lot of shot nerves.

I was just reading an article about the dangers of texting and use of smartphones while driving. Back in the "good old days" we could do stupid things without needing a phone to help.

We all live in a comfort zone where things are as they are and life goes on. It is difficult and sometimes even painful going outside your comfort zone.

What happens when it is forced on us by unforeseen events. Everything changes. Only it is never going to happen to us. There are too many important things to think about.

Life can be interesting. We can be paralyzed for life or we could win the lottery. Take your pick. Except we really do not get a choice of our own. It just happens.

The best laid schemes of mice and men...

Your feedback would be welcome.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Some Good Things About The Election

Doesn't all this name calling on either side just get to you at times? What could possibly be the good things about the election so far.

You have to realize there are quite a few people who have already put in very large amounts of money and emotions into securing a good outcome. I have seen the number stated as 17 people trying to get the Republican nomination. People do not put in tremendous efforts and not have some sort of backlash if they fail.

The primary series was a very hard fought one. It was sort of a  no holds barred situation. A lot was said and done that has to have strong repercussions. That is as it should be. These are highly intelligent and opinionated people.

At least this year there seems to be no Ross Perot, John Anderson or Bull Mooses running wild. Every one seems to realize the destructive nature of a third party candidacy.

Not everyone is talking yet and there are the doom merchants as is to be expected. Hopefully this will pretty much work itself out in time. A well organized chorus of voices is not to be expected but a certain unity is needed. Probably a sort of shotgun wedding caused by a look at the alternatives.

As the election season works its way through and the issues clarify themselves there should be a coming together of those who have taken opposing and hard line views.

You are not going to get everything you want so be happy with what you can salvage in the give and take involved. Good people have stubbornly put their foot down and drawn a line in the sand. That was the end of them.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have views on this.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Green Earth

I really like some of the objectives of the environmental movement.

  • A cleaner earth for us to enjoy.
  • Re-use rather than wasting used materials.
  • Sustainability allowing natural replacement rather than use up what's there and move on.
  • Protection of the public health.
  • Common sense usage and less waste.

The problems I have run into are the more radical elements who can be so radical as to want to reduce or even eliminate people so the Earth can go on its way untarnished.

The almost mindless destruction of what is to replace it with what some group considers their ideal situation.

Much of this is purely money driven where certain elements want to destroy the old just so they can sell their "new and better" versions. 

I have even seen advocacy of some things as abortion as a way to improve humanity by improving the quality of the human race.

Things like this made me very concerned when I saw the Church embracing environmentalism. How wrong I was about this concern.

People are the prime concern of the church. Life is the basis of everything.

What we must do is intelligently use what is made available to us. Everything is made for the benefit of man. We should use it to benefit everyone and not just preserve it like some museum display.

Throughout the Bible and throughout the encyclicals of the church there is the common thread of the fact that all was created for the benefit of man. From Genesis on down this is repeated. This is not a recent concern of the church but rather a centuries old pursuit as is evidenced in writings after writings.

This is the basis of a wonderful, progressive green movement where all is for the benefit of man.

Your comments would really be appreciated, good or not so good.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Such Is Life - The Weather

It is only 45 right now at 7am and only expected to get up to the mid 50s at the highest today. Tomorrow is only supposed to get cooler.

Almost every house around here put their screens in at the first hint of warm weather. I would assume they also shut down their furnaces. Must be a little chilly inside right now. Especially during these cold mornings.

I never put my screens in and my furnace has been clicking on regularly.

I remember years ago getting a newsletter from Ashland Oil who supplied heating oil in those long ago days when we used it.

They replied to a question about when was the best time to shut your furnace off for the summer. They replied that it may be wise to keep it on until June in places.

Yes, there are warm, sunny days before then but there are also cold, damp ones and there is the problem of the growth of mold in a cold, damp house.

Needless to say, I thought they were just pushing more heating oil to make more money but as I look back on it there was some real wisdom in the advice.

Just think of how you are shivering on these cold and damp days and think about how being able to run the furnace without heating the great out of doors would be nice.

Your comments would really be appreciated!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spider Solitaire One Suit

There are a number of different versions of Spider Solitaire available for free. If I am looking for something with some challenge there are also games like regular Solitaire and Free Cell which are quite addictive.

For just a quick, brain relaxing game with a little bit of challenge and a large potential for success I enjoy a few games of Spider Solitaire One Suit.

There is virtually no deep thinking involved and the possibility of real success is always there. This can take much of the stress out of your life. Something worked! I beat the system.

Games can be foolish time wasters but in moderation can be helpful.
  • A person gets familiar with the use of the keyboard.
  • There is an easing of the technological block some people may have for computers.
  • It can be some quick fun when things are stressful.
  • You learn something about computer functions without trying.
Go ahead with your deep thinking puzzles if you want.

I would rather spend my serious effort on serious things.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Election Fun

I don't know who is doing the best job of beating up on Trump, the Democrats or the Republicans. It seems

 like they are both using the same play book. Maybe the same people are writing the fodder for both groups.

Oh our poor children being forced to hear and see such harsh behavion! Their emotional balance  may be disturbed for the rest of their lives.

Huckabee says Trump leading Americans to 'peaceful overthrow' of 'ruling class,' likens him to Roosevelt

It is not a nice job to overthrow an established class. Definitely not nice and pretty. First you have to get yourself heard and this is the biggest problem for an outsider.

That Roosevelt that is mentioned should be that cowboy, Teddy. That was someone who scared the establishment. With good reason as it turned out.

Reagan in 1980 had to run against the president Jimmy Carter and a moderate Republican running on a third party platform John Anderson. This was a particularly hard fought election that resulted in a realignment of the parties. That actor really did a good job pointing out the differences. I don't think everyone talked nice all the time. The good old days.

This election should be a very entertaining one as it goes along. Can't wait to see how it shakes out.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Little on Free Writing

To help overcome writers blocks, apathy and destructive self-criticism in writing there is a technique called free writing. For a set period of time like 5 or 10 minutes a person writes continually ignoring grammar, a topic and even spelling. The end result is probably raw, unusable material but the writer gets themself going.

It is sort of priming the pump to get the water flowing.

When finished it sometimes may be useful to underline parts that make sense for further use. If they are related to the topic of interest they may form a sort of brainstorming result,.

It can be a very useful thing for overcoming the inertia we all seem to have blocking us from accomplishing something useful.

Like a football player doing calisthenics before the game this can get our minds functioning for the task ahead.