Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Day, Another Dollar

9am and all's well.

I am lucky. I do not have aches and pains to cope with when I get myself moving in the morning. Just laziness. I must admit though that can also be quite crippling at times.

It doesn't look too bad weatherwise even though there is some rain in the forcast. The whole week looks the same. The temperatures aren't too low to bring concern.

It is hard to believe all the years that have gone by but it was 2006 when we had the October Surprise of inches and feet of wet, sloppy snow.  Tree limbs were down all over the place and power lines were devastated. The weight of the slushy snow was tremendous.

My power was off for a week but the people across the street never lost theirs. Some people lost phone service for a long time too. If you did have a cell phone, where could you charge it?

This is one of my more vivid mental images of the past and many others had it much worse due to the overwhelming extent of the damage.

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