Saturday, July 11, 2015

Something That Worked

My tv was nothing but snow and wouldn't respond to attempts to change the channel.

I tried the power on-off business on the tv and also on the set top box. I was already getting stressed out over having to deal with telephone tech support.

I have Verizon FIOS service and remembered that there was a capability of checking out the tv from the computer.

In desperation to avoid the dreaded phone call business and all of its press 3, press 1, speak yes or no and whatever I decided to give the computer a try.

Started right up selected tv from the menu and noticed quick things you can do.

Selected no picture and it asked me the basics - is the power on??
Is there any picture or just on certain channels? No - nothing.

It then checked the signal into the house and the set top box and said there were no problems there.

Next it said to check a button marked Input on the remote. Eureka!

All I can think is that it accidentally got pressed while using the remote.

That simple little thing could have cost me well over an hour on the telephone. It was basically just a few minutes on the computer and a little running up and downstairs because the tv is downstairs and the computer is a desktop that is upstairs.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Little Bit Of Rain

In a way it is a shame we couldn't ship some of the rain we have been getting to California. We are on track for a wet summer and they are in the desert.

Is it global warming, normal climate change or whatever? Maybe it is just a short term fluke.

The Sahara used to bloom with agriculture and Buffalo was overrun by glaciers. Times change.

What seems to be the case quite often is the proponents of "doing something" have something they are trying to sell. Not always but often.

Maybe it is for the best that the Northwest passage may be opening up. It certainly will make it easier for the Chinese to ship goods to the US East Coast or even Europe.

We just do not really know the benefits or problems of long-term change until it is upon us.