Monday, June 8, 2015

Really Ageless Stuff

Recently I have been listening to ABBA. I find them to be vey entertaining. The harmony and rhythm are fantastic as is the visual appeal.

I also have had a strong interest in the SEEKERS. The music is just beautiful to me.

The big fly in the ointment though is both groups are basically '70s groups. The members have since grown up (gotten old).

It is sort of difficult justifying taking an interest in fabulously talented and beautiful people and sitting back in the light of reality and knowing they are old enough to be grand parents or even older.

It is a major distortion caused by the fact videos never age but the people do. Sort of like the time waits for no man saying.

I suppose I will just go on enjoying the old videos. They are really pretty good.

It must always be remembered that quality entertainment is not about reality anyway. It is sort of like a painting by one of the masters - ageless.
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