Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cabin Fever

The other night I was feeling cooped up and in spite of the cold wanted to get out.

I checked my trusty bus schedules and found there was a Number 5 Kenmore-Niagara bus due in a few minutes. I got going right away and managed to catch a bus headed toward UB. Great!

It was about 7pm and I was surprised at all the people on the bus. Who would want to be out on a night like this?

We arrived at the South Campus station and my next step was to take the train Downtown so I would not have to spend any time in the cold. Trains run every 15 or 20 minutes around this time of day so the wait was pretty short.

Bus passes are great. I did not have to pay for anything.

Once again I thought about where all these people came from. The weather is really crummy. That is why I was taking a trip with minimal exposure to the elements.

Uneventful ride to the Church Station. Noticed there were people ice skating by the rink at Fountain Plaza. That made sense because that is the type of stuff this weather is for. Too cold for me though.

At Church was my longest walk in the cold. It is a couple of blocks to the Metro Center. I handled it quite well. It was not windy anyway.

Got a hot chocolate and a donut at Hortons in the bus terminal. Kind of nice just sitting there taking a break and watching the world go by.

You do see a lot of sad looking people in a place like this though. It is just a place to keep out of the cold for a while. I guess it has always been like that though and is a great reason to be thankful myself. Someone else always seems to have it worse.

The number 20 Elmwood bus departs every half hour right on the hour and the half so I took my time getting out to the bus. You can see where they are parked and when they start to pull out so there is no need to stand out in the cold long. It is also nice that you are one of the first on the bus and have a choice of seats.

The Elmwood bus really gets jam packed quite often during partsmof its trip so having a good seat really is nice.

The trip through Allentown and the Elmwood Village is an interesting one and actually passes quite quickly. The number of people riding the bus was once again impressive. All-in-all the whole experience was worth the money.

Actually, if I was paying it would only have cost me $2.50 for the whole thing for an all day pass for a senior or $5 for someone who is not 65 or on Medicare. I have a monthly pass so did not have to pay anything.

The Elmwood bus drops me off just a few doors from where I live so I had an almost weather free experience which was nice because the temperature was in the lower teens and a little snowy.

Actually, I felt pretty good about the whole thing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson performing Lonely Teardrops in front of an audience.

I guess I am on a music kick. I really enjoyed this performance.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Boogie Woogie

This makes me tired just watching. Absolutely fantastic dancing.

The tune is called "Dancin' The Boogie" composed and performed by Swiss pianist Silvan Zingg on piano, Nuno Alexandre on bass and Simon Boyer on drums.The dancers are the french couple William and MaƩva.