Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thnking Of The "Good Old Days"

I am sitting in front of my computer at about 10am. It is about 69 or 70 and quiet.

Outside it is pouring rain and about 45.

60 years ago we would have been thinking about shoveling in some more coal. The house would probably have been damp and drafty. Maybe the radio or the black and white tv would have been on. Maybe we would have a gas heater in the fireplace.

Much before that we could have been considering throwing another lump of coal in the stove or a log on the fire. What do you do, sit there by candlelight or stay in bed all day?

Colds and the flu must have been vicious. How do you get any relief with no real meds? Pneumonia would have been the end of the road no matter what your age.

Many things could stand improvement nowdays but to think back fondly about the good old days is silly. It is probably based on the security and comfort our parents provided. That is something we can not replace.
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