Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Think I Was Born Under A Lucky Star

The only problem is luck comes in two forms - good and bad.

A while ago I decided to try out my snowblower so it would be ready for the snow when it came. The starter rope broke.

No problem, I ordered another one - genuine Briggs and Stratton.

Took everything apart to get to the recoil starter so I could replace the rope. Can't quite get there because it requires removal of nuts holding it on and I am afraid there is much more tearing down necessary that I have neither the tools or the enthusiasm to deal with.

Maybe the sensible thing is to take it into a repair shop. The only problem is the astronomical charges.

Got a little snow and decided to try reassembling everything and to try starting the thing by tieing the broken ends together. Went along pretty good. No problems on reassembly.

Probably flooded it because it wouldn't start. No problem, just wait a while.

Had lunch and tried again. The knot did not hold. The one broken end is lost inside and all I have is a handle.

The rope is probably nylon so it probably would not stay tied even if I pulled everything apart again to get the loose end.

Trials and tribulations!

I suppose, in spite of the cost and the wait time, it is either the repair shop or the snow shovel this year.

It is really sad because I actually kind of enjoy clearing snow with the snow blower.
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