Saturday, September 6, 2014

Interesting How Things Pop Up

It is very seldom you can place yourself as to where you were and what you were doing at a particular date and time a long time ago.

All of a sudden I realized that I got married on this date Sept.6, 1969. It was a Saturday too.

Years after a divorce and with many losses in the families the reminders just are not there any more. I am probably the only person who is aware of this date any more. 45 years is a bit of time and this is not something that is in the front of anyone's mind.

Life is full of peaks and valleys and this was a definite peak. It was definitely a good experience for all involved, I believe.

There is a definite tendency to dwell on what could have been but life is not like that. It just happens and we live it. Probably quite a few peaks and valleys to cross yet.

It is always interesting - not to be a Pollyanna but in good ways if you let it be.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Schools Are Opening And All's Right With The World

The normal things are happening around here and that is one of the best signs.

Schools are starting. Buildings are being built. It is good when things stay the same about most things.

The headlines about wars in other parts of the world belong in other parts of the world. A big part of our need for government is for safety and consistency. Let us get on with our lives without needing to worry about idiots trying to blow up buildings.

I do not know what most of them hope to gain anyway. You still live and die and pay taxes no matter who is in charge. Keep the government as unobtrusive as possible while still doing its job.

You should not even completely stop people from making mistakes. Mistakes can turn into innovations in the right circumstances. Who really knows until it all works itself through?

So let the dummy have his way as long as it does not hurt some one else.