Friday, March 14, 2014

If You Don't Take Care

I heard this saying "If you don't take care of yourself someone else will."

This really covers a lot of territory.

  • If you are sick you don't take care of yourself because you can't so if it is severe you need a doctor.
  • If you drink or are addicted you need support to get off it or legal help or someone eventually to bury you.
  • If you just do not feel like doing things you probably need psychiatric or social help.
  • If you do not take care of your education you probably will need government programs to survive.
  • If you are not conscious of your diet needs you will need diet help, medical help or help with your burial at an early age.
There are a lot of people who make a lot of money telling us what to do because we don't take care of ourselves sensibly.

Isn't it degrading putting up with the dehumanizing aspects of applying for and using foodstamps. Welfare because we cannot get hired is brain numbing.

It is not usually your fault if you get cancer but you are in for an experience of dependence on doctors.

All that matters is that you don't take care of yourself whether it is because you can't or won't. What you end up doing is losing a serious chunk of your freedom. The ability to choose is seriously diminished.

Go back to some sort of school. Get rid of the debt and put away a rainy-day-fund. Shape up!

Unless you are totally buried in self deception or denial you have a chance. Unless you are terminal you have options.
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