Monday, January 6, 2014

An Evenings Entertainment

The tv does not really interest me and there is only so much interest in staring at a computer screen.

Tonight is a good night for other things.

I dropped a bouillon cube in a cup and filled it with hot water. I then walked to the front door and let myself become transfixed by the scene outside. There is not a large amount of snow. In fact you can still see little patches of bare concrete on the sidewalks.It is 5 degrees though and breezy. It is dark and just lit by streetlights and some Christmas decorations.

The wind is blowing right down the street and blowing the snow sort of like it would sand in a sandstorm. There are waves of snow whipping past the house. It is just like a movie of the far north. There is like a mist of ice crystals in the air.

Gee I am glad I am in here and not out there.

I really have a snug, warm and secure feeling watching the world go on around me. It is quite relaxing.
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