Friday, October 7, 2011

Trash Day

With my high usage of items and disposal of the refuse I usually only take the trash to the curb once a month or so. Tonight was a nice night so I decided to take things out a little sooner than required.

I have a huge tote the village gave me a couple of years ago and did manage to get it half full. I also have a good sized  plastic container for things like newspapers and  plastic bottles that can be recycled. If I say so myself, I am pretty conscientious about this stuff.

There is a clear sky with about 2/3 of the moon shining down. I even took a little extra time to prune a couple of low hanging branches from the tree in front of the house. I did restrain myself from getting too enthusiastic because I was concerned about what the neighbors would think about this strange person doing gardening at night.

All-in-all though a very successful garbage night.

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