Monday, October 3, 2011

Quiet Night

I actually have all my work caught up and have a quiet period. No tv, no reading, no phone calls.

I am actually feeling pretty good right at the moment although from things I have gone through I still have sympathy for those in discomfort. May everyone's problems vanish for even a little while.

October is an interesting month in that it often is a mixture of the whole year's weather: very wet, very dry, very hot, very cold and a burst of growth from the lawn and hedges before the snows of November.

We are currently saturated from all the rain and the lawn needs mowing due to the growth spurt. So what's to do. Right hand for the mower and the left hand for the umbrella? As long as we do not have to shovel off the white stuff to mow the grass underneath. It is October and anything is possible weatherwise.

The heat is on again. The Halloween decorations are up or going up all over.

Food tastes great in the cooler weather and the sleeping is at its best.
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