Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pedometer RIP

I have finally quit using the pedometer for counting my steps.

I have a very good one that saves the data for a couple of weeks if you want. Then you can, at your convenience, download the data to the computer. Great system because you do not have to type in anything or do anything else that may be difficult or time consuming.

Unfortunately though the weakness in the system has finally gotten me down - the batteries. Wanting to download about two weeks data I was greeted by a blank screen. The battery ran out and all the data was lost. Plus, if you install new batteries in this condition you have to enter the entire setup routine.

If this was the only time this happened I would just pass it off as a bad experience. Unfortunately though it has happened several times in the past.

My hearing aid  has a distinctive tone that it sounds off with about 15 minutes before going dead but the pedometer does not have any battery warning indication. Maybe some day I will get something like this built into another pedometer but for now the frustration is a little too great.
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