Monday, October 31, 2011

Had 2 Bags But Needed Much More

As an afterthought on my way home I bought two packages of miniature Snickers bars. I thought that would take care of the few stray Trick-or-Treaters who might come along.

Boy, was I wrong!

The crowd was just building when I ran out.

I actually turned the lights out and went into Scrooge mode.

The number of kids goes up and down from year to year and this was really an up year.

It is really fun.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I do some surveys online because I find some of them to be thought provoking or just generally interesting.

There is very little money involved but the little bit I do get is nice too.

Today and yesterday are examples of the feeling of rejection involved at times though. I have been saving the count of survey email invitations and completions.

For yesterday and today the count so far is 38 received and the count that  I have qualified for and completed is 2. Yes, just two. Not exactly a great income producer.

Oh well. It is Sunday morning so there is plenty of time for improvement.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Columbus Day (Monday) will come at just a good time for me. I think having a day off is just the thing for me.

I have not noticed any criticisms of Columbus this year. It seems to bring all the rights pushers out of the woodwork when tributes to Columbus are planned but they are not as obvious so far.

So the Vikings were here before him and maybe even some Chinese from way, way back. It was with Columbus and the other explorers of his era who are responsible for the settlement of this hemisphere.

Trash Day

With my high usage of items and disposal of the refuse I usually only take the trash to the curb once a month or so. Tonight was a nice night so I decided to take things out a little sooner than required.

I have a huge tote the village gave me a couple of years ago and did manage to get it half full. I also have a good sized  plastic container for things like newspapers and  plastic bottles that can be recycled. If I say so myself, I am pretty conscientious about this stuff.

There is a clear sky with about 2/3 of the moon shining down. I even took a little extra time to prune a couple of low hanging branches from the tree in front of the house. I did restrain myself from getting too enthusiastic because I was concerned about what the neighbors would think about this strange person doing gardening at night.

All-in-all though a very successful garbage night.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Neat Hearing Aid Things

I have a pretty up-to-date digital hearing aid. One of the interesting things is it has a built in capability to warn you when the battery is just about to run out.

About ten or fifteen minutes before the battery is going to die you get a special tone, like a chime. This is meant to give you enough time to change the battery. It doesn't always work that way because sometimes it goes off when you are driving or otherwise occupied. You do know as sure as anything though that you are soon to be much more deficient in the hearing department.

Thinking about it though, it is quite a capability to be able to go for a week or so and then be capable of measuring the output of the battery so you know within a few minutes when it will stop being capable of operating the hearing aid. This is my idea of one of the wonders of modern technology. It really is repeatable.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pedometer RIP

I have finally quit using the pedometer for counting my steps.

I have a very good one that saves the data for a couple of weeks if you want. Then you can, at your convenience, download the data to the computer. Great system because you do not have to type in anything or do anything else that may be difficult or time consuming.

Unfortunately though the weakness in the system has finally gotten me down - the batteries. Wanting to download about two weeks data I was greeted by a blank screen. The battery ran out and all the data was lost. Plus, if you install new batteries in this condition you have to enter the entire setup routine.

If this was the only time this happened I would just pass it off as a bad experience. Unfortunately though it has happened several times in the past.

My hearing aid  has a distinctive tone that it sounds off with about 15 minutes before going dead but the pedometer does not have any battery warning indication. Maybe some day I will get something like this built into another pedometer but for now the frustration is a little too great.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Quiet Night

I actually have all my work caught up and have a quiet period. No tv, no reading, no phone calls.

I am actually feeling pretty good right at the moment although from things I have gone through I still have sympathy for those in discomfort. May everyone's problems vanish for even a little while.

October is an interesting month in that it often is a mixture of the whole year's weather: very wet, very dry, very hot, very cold and a burst of growth from the lawn and hedges before the snows of November.

We are currently saturated from all the rain and the lawn needs mowing due to the growth spurt. So what's to do. Right hand for the mower and the left hand for the umbrella? As long as we do not have to shovel off the white stuff to mow the grass underneath. It is October and anything is possible weatherwise.

The heat is on again. The Halloween decorations are up or going up all over.

Food tastes great in the cooler weather and the sleeping is at its best.