Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Go Figure - Hearing Test

I have been getting aggravated recently by the difficulty understanding conversations so I decided that after over 3 years it might be useful to get things checked out with the audiologist.

I have a digital hearing aid. She checked it out pretty well, got all the wax out and changed a little filter I often forget to check. She also adjusted it using the computer to change the audio filtering to blank out more of the background noise and amplify the foreground a little.

This really did seem to help somewhat but it was decided that due to the length of time since the last one that I should get my hearing test updated. This requires a prescription from a doctor and so we scheduled another appointment.

Today I went in for the test. She did have to remove some wax from my ear. I then repeated all the words I could hear and pressed the button when I heard the various tones in the earphones. After this was all finished, she smiled and told me my high frequency hearing actually tested better than the last time.

I did not know you could actually improve. I thought you were sort of doomed to reduced capability as time goes by. My problems that I was concerned about were probably wax related in the ear and the hearing aid. Maybe the tuneup helped or maybe I really am better than before.

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