Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scajaquada Bike Path to the Riverwalk

The Scajaquada Bike Path comes from Delaware Park in Buffalo. At Niagara Street it runs into the Riverwalk which runs from downtown Buffalo along the Niagara River to the Tonawandas. Joining the two was quite an engineering project involving looping under the expressway bridges and crossing Scajaquada Creek. It also goes under the International Bridge, a railroad bridge to Fort Erie Canada.

I decided to actually walk the contorted pathway to see what it really looked like. These pictures start at Niagara street and continue to the actual intersection of the two paths. There are railway bridges, expressway bridges and the International Bridge.

A view from Niagara Street of the path on the west side of Niagara running alongside Scajaquada Creek.
This shows how the path approaches the east side of Niagara Street as it comes from Delaware Park.

The old navy yard location on Niagara Street.

Railroad bridge that crosses Niagara Street.

This shows the path bridge across Scajaquada Creek ahead.

The back side of some old Niagara street buildings.

Coming up to the International Bridge.

The actual intersection with the Riverwalk is ahead. This is the end of the Scajaquada Pathway.

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