Sunday, April 18, 2010

Couldn't Stand the Suspense

The sun is shining, the temperature is a little warm and the grass is showing early season growth spurts.

There is always the problem after winter is finally over of whether the summer things will work. I decided I could wait no longer and just had to try the lawnmower. I had some of the unused and unmixed gas from the snowblower and was wondering if it would work ok.

Never fear - it actually caught on the first pull and never slowed down until I put the machine away.

The grass wasn't too long but it is hard to resist the call of the back yard on a nice day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Spring Day

Today was the type of day that makes spring one of my favorite times of year. The sun was out, the weather was warm, and especially, I had the day off. Good Friday a holiday? I will take whatever is given.

Did not really do much - it was a lazy day. I had some cosmos seeds and decided to give them a chance to see what they could do. I roughed up a little of the grass by the driveway to give them a chance and scattered the contents of the envelope. Not too much in the envelope but the price was right - free. They have their chance if they want to take it. Should be interesting.

It is good to have a chance to get out and about again without having to bundle up.