Monday, March 29, 2010

Google Adwords Problems

I just had a surreal experience with Google. I have Analytics and through them was sent a $100 coupon to try Google Adwords. Fine, I have a site on the web so why not try it out and see if I can get some clicks. It's free. This could be the start of something good.

I started through the process and as soon as I entered my account info everything was in German. How do I get out of this? Try setting up a separate account using a different email. I waded through the German again and actually set up the account hoping I could change the language afterwards. The confirming email came through in German.

I can't even use the help function because that is all in German.

This is totally dumb. There is not even a way to contact anyone that I can find. There is noone from Google to write to, only forums of users. What type category is this for a forum topic?

To say this is a bad experience would be an understatement. I suppose tomorrow when I have had some time to think about this I will try the forums, if I can find them again.
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