Saturday, August 29, 2009

Verizon to the Rescue

About a year ago I wrote a blog about what seems to be a relationship between DSL and weather conditions. It was never something that really bothered me enough to really try to do something about. I did call once but never followed up.

It happened again this Thursday and I really had enough. I called Verizon and spent the time to actually talk to a technician. He really was thorough. I went through reboots and line monitoring tests. Checking lights on the modem was very interesting. I am an 'expert' now. He decided that it needed a service call and we set it up for Saturday after I finished work.

I can't get over how thorough the technician was today. He understood the problem and even though the sun was out and my DSL was working well checked outside the house and by the computer. He said everything measured well but wanted to do some work outside by the box down the street.

He changed circuits in case there was a line problem and also adjusted the line from the house to the pole.

This was no quick in and out service call. He even mentioned that I should call right away if there was any problem.

I really do tend to be a little cynical about things at times but this experience with Verizon really has put me in a very good mood. I did check my line speeds and there is an improvement. All I need is a little rain to see if all is well.
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