Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday I decided to take a chance and download Internet Explorer 8. I went to the Microsoft site to get the plain vanilla non optimized for anything version because I did not want anything I am using to be optimized out of the way. My concern with upgrades is that programs I am using will not work with the newer version.

When I upgraded versions of IE5 way back when in the Win95 days it took me all night using dialup. Using DSL it only took a few (very few) minutes for IE8. Everything worked like a charm. I don't know if the whole thing took 15 minutes because I was not timing it but I am sure it was less than a half hour.

It really loads fast. Everything seems to work good. So far I have had no real problems. I have to figure out what accelerators and slices are good for but that is just a normal learning experience.

I did get rejected by a survey that only works with IE up to 7 and offered to let me 'upgrade' to 7 but after I stopped chuckling I decided to try loading it in Firefox. That did work and I loaded the survey and got rejected for the survey itself in Firefox. (I am used to rejection at my stage of life).

Everything I need seems to work in IE8 and so far it looks like a significant improvement. I do have Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on my machine but I think I will stick with IE.

I was happy to see that my RoboForm toolbar loads in both IE and Firefox so anytime I get the urge, I can try the alternative browser and still access everything. It is good to have fallbacks. I must have someone named Murphy in my family.
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