Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plantar Fasciitis

A funny thing happened on my way to springtime.

I thought I had a bruise or something on my left heel so I asked a nurse I know at the program I go to to take a look and see if she could see anything. Nothing to see but she sure found out it was sensitive. Said it may have been a bone spur or something but she thought it best to make a doctor's appointment to get it looked at.

The doctor, actually a podiatrist, looked at it, poked at it in different parts of the foot and found all the sore spots. He asked me a bunch of questions and told me I wouldn't be going around the house without shoes for a while.

I apparently have plantar fasciitis which is a painful inflammation of the plantar fascia, a band of tissue on the bottom of the foot that helps to support the arch. How I managed to injure that is a mystery to me because I have basically been blocked from any significant walking or other outside exercise by the cold weather.

I guess I am just lucky. This is just in time for the spring warmup and getting out for walks.

Instead, I have exercises to do for stretching. Oh well - at least I don't have to take any more pills. Pulling on a towel looped over my foot doesn't sound too strenuous. I don't think it is practical to wear my shoes in the shower though, there are limits.

Actually, I think I might survive a month or two of this. The worst pain is first thing in the morning when I get out of bed. The pain does subside as I walk around and I actually don't even notice it much of the time. I don't expect it to really tie me down an awful lot.
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