Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Major Aggravation

I enjoy walking through this stretch of Niagara Street. What these pictures show is a major problem for a pedestrian.

After several days of thaw, this pile of snow does not look too impressive but the idea of what it represents makes my blood boil.

The companies plowing the sidewalk did a fairly decent job as is shown by the dry sidewalk. But why in the world did the plow operators for both companies decide to dump what was a massive mound of snow blocking the sidewalk?

This is an area with a fair amount of foot traffic and the obstruction forces people to walk in the street! Niagara Street is not a quiet little country lane by any means. Pedestrians are really endangered by this sort of negligence.

This is only the most obvious example to me. There are at least a couple more examples of the same foolishness in the same general area.

This is not a case of a homeowner who may have been held back by illness or something. This is a perfect example of companies disdaining the people they are supposed to be protecting.
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