Monday, January 19, 2009

A Really Positive Experience

I still have an old computer with a lot of information on the hard drive. It is an old HP machine that ran on Windows 95.

I did not know of any practical way to get all the information into my current machine so I could sort through it.

There was an ad that I came across for something called a 'USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE'. Why not, $20 or so isn't much to gamble?

It came in and I hooked it to the hard disk and viola! Flashing LEDs, whirring sounds and clicks that sounded like the good old days on the computer. The new computer even said it loaded the mass storage drivers ok.

Checked Vista and nothing in the way of a new drive letter that I could access. What to do now. Give it up as a lost cause. A Windows 95 machine is probably just too old to bother with.

I remembered that I had seen some info on HP support and both machines are HP so what's to lose?

I went to the HP Support Forums, looked around and figured I had to register to get any satisfaction. This was simple to do so I completed the forms and replied to the email.

I like to search around for information and asking questions sometimes seems like speaking a foreign language but I was in a 'why not?' frame of mind and figured there was nothing to lose by waiting a few days or a week for some sort of reply.

I put a new post on the Hardware forum describing my problem Saturday night at about 9pm. Early Sunday morning, about 9am lo and behold there was a reply telling me to check something. I replied as to how and posted it. Before noon I had a detailed reply.

To say I was shocked by the promptness would be an understatement.

Actually reading through another post gave me something else to try that did work. But the speed of the knowledgeable replies just took my breath away. I am a person who has sat on the phone for 8 or 9 hours waiting for tech support with other companies. Not this time though.

I now have a new drive J and a couple of gigs of history to go through. Just the thing for a holiday weekend.

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