Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama + 2 - General Musings

Just a gray sort of day today. We are living through a sort of roller coaster of weather conditions. Yesterday was sub-zero and today may have freezing rain. Who can figure?

The new administration is trying to get off to a running start. Good luck to them!

As for me - looking forward to a trip out to Walmart. Probably not buying - just looking - but the store is a good source of ideas.

The picture below is a quick one of my poinsettia.

Yes! That is one red leaf. No isolation in a closet. No covering by a box to make it dark. The plant came through on its own.

You have to take what you get, apparently.

So in the words of Walter Cronkite and John Daly: "You are there" for another day in history.

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