Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In My Opinion: One of the Greatest Inventions

It is very easy to get all gushy about a new car or a new electronic device.

Tonight though, as I was going through one of my modern day rituals I had the thought pop into my head about what a simple, health enhancing idea this was. It is so simple. It is so cheap. It is so unbelievably beneficial.

Whoever thought this one up certainly never considered the long term benefits of such a simple little thing.

Particularly if you take multiple pills, these things are literal life-savers. The process of pill taking is just so automatic after a period of time that anyone who takes them and leads a normal life will always wonder if they really did take them. The doubts have caused me to count the pills in a bottle just to see if the numbers come out right. Double dosing and missed doses are realities with all the consequences involved.

I have two. One for the morning and one for nighttime. They come in all sorts of configurations. Several people I know have 7 x 4 configurations with each day's four removable for carrying in a purse or whatever.

I wonder if our unknown benefactor has any idea of the number of lives that have been saved and poisonings avoided.

I hope in my life I can have an inspiration that is only a small fraction as good as this.

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