Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Cousin Jane's Funeral

I went to the funeral for my cousin Alice Jane Davis yesterday (Sat Oct. 11, 2008). She was born Nov 12, 1923 and died Oct 7, 2008.

Her mother was my father's sister but she was almost 20 years older and her children (my 2nd cousins) are in my age group.

The family was very close as everyone seemed to live within 2 or 3 blocks of each other in Cold Spring (east side of Buffalo) and we all went to school 53 at the start. A short walk would get you to many of the relatives. My father had one brother and I think 11 sisters. Everyone has since dispersed but we do still keep in touch.

A good way to describe the experience would be to call it sort of a gathering of the clan. Her kids were back from Houston, Richmond, and wherever. There were cousins and their kids from around Washington,DC. There were, of course, many current friends because she was a very active person in her area.

I very much do not like funerals because in a fairly large family like mine it means you have lost a part of yourself. It really was nice being at the wake and funeral and having all these people I did not recognize calling me by name and talking about past experiences. We did have a lot of happy times in the past. There were quite a few pictures on display including a great one of my father, his brother, and all the sisters.

Jane was by all criteria a great success. Out of 4 kids she got a lawyer, a state superintendent of schools, and everyone is very successful. Plus there are a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I honestly can say I really like them.

She was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Lackawanna in the family plot. She is surrounded by the Williamses back to my grandparents and a bunch of the aunts my and Uncle Bill. That's essentially the family burying grount. My parents are in one area, a couple of of the other aunts and their families in other sections, and the Williams plot.

This was a very memorable weekend.
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