Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Sunday like all Sundays

If I admit it myself, today was really undesirable in the weather department.

It did not rain hard all day, just much of the time.

I wanted to take a walk to the store around noon and never realized until I had walked a little way down the driveway that I was getting wet. Talk about the brain shutting down for the weekend! It was a little chilly too.

No dumb weather is going to keep me tied down though so on went a jacket and I grabbed the umbrella.

Funny thing is, it turned out to be pretty nice walking weather. All I had were a few sprinkles and I never even opened the umbrella. Everything is nice and green this year - my garden is like a jungle.

I really was lucky though - the monsoon started a little later. I was driving to go to the store for someone else and actually considered pulling over because it rained so hard.
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