Sunday, September 28, 2008

Broderick Park in Buffalo NY

I took a short walk to Broderick Park at the foot of Ferry St.

It is a small park located on the land where the ferry to Fort Erie was located at the south end of Squaw Island.

This is the view from the Ferry St bridge as you enter the park.

This is a view of the Niagara River and Canada from the park.
The water in the Niagara is moving quite rapidly in this stretch.

A view of the park with the Niagara River on the left and the Black Rock Canal on the right.

This shows the entrance to the Ferry Street Bridge and the park refreshment stand. The stand is a very nice place to have a quick lunch.

The Ferry Street bridge over the Black Rock Canal. My father-in-law worked on the bridge. Grandpa would schedule a 'test lift' for the kids so they could see the bridge go up. The bridge has to be tested daily because of its importance.

This is a view down the canal toward the Black Rock Lock.

This is a view toward the Buffalo Harbor showing the Peace Bridge. The Bird Island Pier that separates the Niagara River and the Black Rock Canal and makes navigation possible is seen toward the right center. That is a hike for another day...

The park is quite busy with people fishing, people going to hike the pier and bikers riding the Riverwalk bike path between downtown Buffalo and the Tonawandas.

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