Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nice Sunday

Nothing really of note for today. Just a nice day.

I did spend some time in the gardening business. Cut the grass, got rid of some weeds, trimmed the hedges (they had really grown with the rain we have had), and cleaned up after myself.

This is sort of a blah period for my flowers - no roses flowering, no lilacs, no daylilies, not much of interest at all. I am involved in some rather intense negotiations with my daughter to remedy this situation but that is for next year's growing season. What I do have growing is really looking very healthy though.

Seeing I was being so ambitious today and my little 1 gal gas can was empty I decided to take a walk and get it filled. I usually get a whole cutting season out of one can and had not filled it since last summer. Gas is about $3.95 right now so I figured I would get away sort of cheap (market enthusiasts always say to buy low and sell high).

Whoops! $4.53 with only a little spillage. That lawnmower better really cut the grass good at that price.

Today was really what it is billed as: a day of rest. We all really need them every now and then.
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