Sunday, August 10, 2008

DSL and Weather

My DSL connection has been great. I really do get incredibly fast downloads. YouTube is wonderful. No problems with music or anything else. You should see how fast large photos display.

Part of the reason is the fact I have a fast processor and a lot of memory.

All of this makes it even more frustrating when we get a good downpour when I am right in the middle of something. I can almost tell how hard it is raining by how much the internet connection slows down. I can actually lose my server connection when the first clap of thunder hits.

--- Not all the time, but enough to get aggravated. I have lost some surveys. You cannot reenter some of them so a long, interesting session can be lost.

I have checked the phone line and there is no loss of dial tone. I have tried speed tests, although this is sort of difficult when you keep getting the message that the server cannot be found.

I tried Google --- dsl and weather --- 3,770,000 hits. I am not alone.

It does not seem to harm phone service significantly but the moisture can wreak havoc with the dsl if there are old components or less than good connections in the phone network. It comes back when things dry out.

Some people suggest checking out your home wiring. Others say to keep bugging the phone company until the problem is resolved.

I hope people with cable or fiber connections do not have this problem. It is a shame that such a great system should have a 'fly in the ointment' like this. I would imagine that someone, somewhere is working on it. It sure surprised me.
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