Sunday, July 27, 2008

Swimming Pool Company Fire

One of the ways I try to keep in condition is to walk around the Ferry, Niagara area in Buffalo during the day. It is a fairly interesting area with the Ferry Street Bridge across the Black Rock Canal, Rich products, and several historic buildings.

It is also fairly close to the Grant-Ferry business district.

In the beginning in June there was a rather large fire at a swimming pool distributor warehouse about a block away. The black smoke from the fire, carried out to the suburbs. For the entire day about how he could smell was the fire.

The company has since gotten its act together quite well and it looks like business is booming. The interesting part from my standpoint, is the fact they are tearing down the warehouse that burned. It was a good-sized building, but obviously not salvageable. Most of the complex seems to have avoided damage though.

This is the second major building in the area to be torn down. The first that I remember was in 2006, the old Meyer Malt. That was a really major job with concrete grain elevators and everything.

It would be kind of nice though to see them build something instead of tearing things down.

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