Saturday, July 19, 2008

Steps and Spreadsheets

Starting about May 15, I put my daily step counts into a spreadsheet - mainly to get in some practice using Open Office Calc. It is sort of interesting seeing how I am doing on the objective of 10,000 steps a day.

I really have not been trying to push myself at all. Actually, without even trying, I have quite a few days in the over 7000 range which is a lower limit on useful exercise.

My first learning to use a computer experience came back in the 1980s on a two floppy disk IBM PC using a Lotus 123 spreadsheet. Lotus was a great program at the time. Actually it was considered by some people to be the software program that built the IBM PC. It gave you something very useful to use a computer for. Engineers loved it.

I tried teaching myself to use the program by using the built-in help function. It worked great except for one minor detail--I didn't know how to get out of help. The only way I could figure to get back into the program was to shut off the power switch and restart it. I still laugh about that one.

Running Windows XP or Vista with an Excel spreadsheet is a different world entirely.
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