Thursday, July 31, 2008

Man Reading a Newspaper

In my journeys on the west side of Buffalo, a building I go by on Niagara near Ferry (or Robert Rich Way) is where they built the Thomas Flyer.

The Thomas Flyer won the round the world race in 1908. E. R. Thomas Motor Company was located in a building owned by Rich Products on Niagara St.

At the bus stop on the corner of Niagara and what is now named Robert Rich Way was a bench with a lifelike statue of a man sitting reading a copy of the old Buffalo Courier Express. This statue was a fixture for years.

The articles in the paper mainly consisted of ads for Rich products. One that I remember was an ad for dough to make bread -- 5 loaves for a dollar. I guess times have changed.

But all of a sudden the statue and bench disappeared. More progress?

The mystery was solved by the Buffalo News. The refurbished statue and bench should be back in place in September. Rich Products is having it repaired and refinished.

Really good news for everyone.
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