Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hunting in the Basement

I was helping a friend who wasn't feeling very good. I went down in the basement to help with the laundry and was overwhelmed by the presence of dozens of flies.

The basement is a clean one, so the presence of all of this wild life was really a surprise. I was just down there a few days before and there was nothing. These are not my favorite creatures.

I wasn't going to stay down there so I beat it up to the kitchen to see if there was some bug spray. Of course there was, but it was for ants not flies. What to do next? Dollar General. I did maintain the speed limit driving up to Dollar General. But then at the store I couldn't find the bug spray display. So I wandered the aisles (guys don't ask where stuff is) until there it was -- a whole shelf full. Raid was actually on sale.

I went back and sprayed half of the can in that basement. You should've seen the dead flies. I didn't feel the least bit guilty wiping out a family.

I can't imagine what happened. All I can think is there were perfect conditions in some dark damp corner, and the whole family hatched at once. I am just glad it didn't happen in my house.

For the longest time afterward all I could think of was that Vincent Price movie "The Fly". That was one I saw at a very impressionable age.
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