Sunday, July 6, 2008

Daltonism and Daylilies

I was discussing with my daughter how nicely the roses are coming out and how thick the hedges are. It seems my work this spring is really paying off quite well. The lilacs have come and gone but with their large flower clusters and perfume really make their mark.

I did mention to her that the large clump of flowers by the garage were just about to come out. I was wondering if she remembered what they were. She asked me if they were the orange ones, and at that point, I just broke up in hysterics. She started laughing too when she thought about it -- I am not exactly the right person to ask about colors. She did mention though, that she thought they were daylilies. Actually since then, a few have come out -- they seem to be yellowish brown with white in the center. They really are nice and quite large, the flowers coming up to my shoulders. They do just last a few days though. One of the cluster opens up for a day, then closes and another one opens the next day.

Also the laughing that we had done was based upon a little condition that I have -- sometimes known as Daltonism or simply red green color blindness. It's like everything else, you can feel sorry for yourself, or you can live with it and make the best of it and even laugh about it because some of the stuff really is funny.

John Dalton is a name, well-known to any chemistry student because of his groundbreaking work in such things as the gas laws and atomic theory. Another aspect of his life was his interest in a condition that he had: colorblindness. He did some of the first work that described and documented the condition. Because of his work, his name is even used to describe the condition.

Actually, if the truth be known, I do have my moments of feeling a little bit superior because of my vision. I do have superior distance vision and an excellent capability for distinguishing details. I was always the first one to be able to read the sign on an approaching bus. In analyzing images in ink testing, people would always ask for my opinion.

Of course, I have had to learn to be careful selecting clothing in particular. Every once in a great while I do come up with something that some people might think is a little bizarre -- at least the kids think so. I have learned it's best to "keep it simple stupid" and learned quite a while ago that blue works very well in most situations.
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