Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blogs and Noise Level

Just idly going through things, I checked to see how many blogs there were in Kenmore, New York. Kenmore is just a small village located on the northern city line of Buffalo, New York. There are 56 blogs listed, according to blogger.

Even better, checking New York State I found 117,000 listed. I don't even want to think about the entire country or the world. That's a lot of people writing important stuff.

What set this off was reading some of the regional blogs I found links to page after page after page of local blogs. I can just imagine how it is in other areas, especially larger ones.

I used to work at a research facility, and when the most recent director started, he used to continually emphasize noise as a major factor. How do you sort out what has meaning from all the background clutter? We all have that as a problem.

You can make a lot of noise, focus on a small group, be witty and charming like me, or various combinations of other factors. Or you can just do it for the fun of it and who cares who reads it or anything.

I enjoy looking things up. I also know that the world doesn't end with Google or Yahoo or Altavista or whatever. The really important information doesn't necessarily show up on the first few pages of search results. You really have to know how to research and be able to interpret properly to find much of value. Much of what you get is just noise, and really has no value.

That really is what makes it interesting, sort of like working puzzles. It's a great source of entertainment and education.
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